Nashville Pussy
By Ronnie

It seems that every single article I've read about Nashville Pussy harps on the band's influences and who they "sound like". Well, you're not gonna find that here. I'm going to talk about one of the best live shows and possibly the hardest rocking band on the road today. Plus, they've got two of the hottest chicks that have ever played rock and roll (and a fire-breather ta boot!). But, don't expect them to be playing Lilith Fair any time soon. Nashville Pussy have got a mission that transcends the whining, griping and moaning of "alternative" rockers. They are here to bring back what was originally so appealing about rock and roll in the first place. Fun, danger and SEX. But they don't just talk the talk, they rock the walk! I talked to Blaine and Ruyter before a recent Atlanta show. Even Corey entered the conversation, adding a humorous quote about the future.

E.C.: I heard the story of how your house burned down right after the lineup for Nashville Pussy fell together. Everything burned, save the band's equipment. That's gotta be a sign!

Blaine: Yeah, that's true everything burned up...

Ruyter: It turned out to be a sign to get on the road. Which was really weird cause we didn't know what we'd done to deserve the entire house burned down. But, it was a serious incentive to get us out there. Because sleeping on peoples floors was like a step up from sleeping in the rubble (laughs).

E.C.: What is your motivation? To show what a REAL rock and roll show SHOULD and COULD be like?

Blaine: Yeah, pretty much, just get our ya ya's out. Make life more interesting for us and everyone around us (both laugh).

E.C.: Is there any band around today that rocks harder?

Blaine: Than us? No & (deadpan) They are already legendary status or something like that.

E.C.: Blaine once said this about what is wrong with rock and roll today: "the element that's missing is fun". Nashville Pussy seems to bring back what used to be dangerous about rock and roll: sex, fun and hell raising. Too many rock stars these days just wanna whine and gripe.

Blaine: Yeah, there's a whole thing about writing songs about not getting satisfied with life, and you've got it better than eighty percent of your audience, probably.

Ruyter: Yeah, he can afford to gripe with a guitar in his hands.

Blaine: You gripe and no one gives a fuck...

E.C.: You've toured with Motorhead & .who else would you like to tour with?

Blaine: That was the top of the list there, man. I guess the second would be AC/DC.

E.C.: What about Ted Nugent?

Blaine: Ted's cool, yeah, would definitely be excellent. But Ted doesn't go out as much as he used to.

E.C.: Ted's playing Atlanta next month with Kiss.

Blaine: Shit! I'm gonna be gone.

E.C.: Nashville Pussy is on the road A LOT & is it still fun?

Ruyter: Oh yeah, definitely. This last tour we hit a bunch of new places. I love playing new towns. Fayatteville, Arkansas and shit like that. Talk about people hearing rock and roll, flippin out. That was insane & war zone down there. It was like totally entertaining for us!

E.C.: What's the largest show ya'll have done?

Ruyter: Its close to like 40,000 or something like that. Dynamo Festival, a big Euro-metal fest. We loaded up our gear and drove like halfway across Holland and went to another one where we close the show. Kinda like a mainstream pop festival. Alanis Morrisette was the headliner. And played inside a tent in front of 18,000 people the same day. That was f*cking nuts. So we got to play to about 50,000 people in the course of about six hours.

E.C.: What about playing larger arenas?

Ruyter: Oh fuck yeah!

Blaine: I like them both. It depends on the city.

Ruyter: In Copenhagen we happen to play in front of 20,000 people, that's cool. And if we're like in Fayatteville, Arkansas playing in front of 200 that's good, too.

E.C.: Other than Heart, the Runaways, Lita Ford and Wendy O.Williams, there haven't been any women LATELY that have made an impact in rock and roll. It's all the sensitive types who play Lilith Fair. What part should women play in rock and roll?

Ruyter: A bigger part?! Maybe? A more rocking part. It comes back to what you were saying earlier about people whining and shit. I don't wanna hear anyone whining, male or female. I wanna hear music about having a good time.

Blaine: I saw a fucking film of Lilith Fair and there were like all these high school girls with their book bags mouthing every fucking word.

Right: Photo by C.J. Parker at the Atlanta show

E.C.: What is the importance of sex in rock and roll?

Ruyter: Its too hard to get away from, they kinda go together.

Blaine: It goes with everything.(deadpan)

Ruyter: Yeah, sex goes well with everything! (laughs)

E.C.: What's the story about getting dropped by Mercury?

Ruyter: We didn't really get dropped by Mercury, we kinda got dropped by DefJam. Because of the way the merger went and everything.

Blaine: We got shuffled around like an unwanted foster child. They finally gave us the money and sent us on our own.

E.C.: Was it just a one-record deal?

Ruyter: No, we had a four record deal. But then by the time the merger went through, almost everybody would we had signed on with had been fired. We were hoping they were gonna drop us, cause everytime we phoned there we talked to someone new. So, we got dropped by Island/DefJam & which is fine!

E.C.: The new record, "High As Hell" is being released this spring? What Label?

Ruyter: It's supposed to be out in May on TVT.

E.C.: Has the cover for the album been designed?

Ruyter: We've got it up here (points to her head)

E.C.: How will you top "Let Them Eat Pussy"?

Blaine: This one you're gonna have to look on the inside to see the pictures.

E.C.: What's the band's plan now?

Ruyter: Same old shit, different city.

[Corey walks in & ]

E.C.: In 20 years, how would you like to look back on the band?

Ruyter: From a nice cozy bed with a remote control.

Corey: You wanna have a machine that is gonna open the door for you, suck off all your clothes, order a pizza and put "Leave It To Beaver" on the TV.

E.C.: If Nashville Pussy could fight any other band in a "celebrity death match", who would be the opponent?

Blaine: Smashing Pumpkins...

Ruyter: Billy Corgan mentioned us in Rolling Stone. He was on Howard Stern and he was talking about how nobody rocks and nobody appreciates rock..blah, blah, blah. Cause he's had to go from being extremely rich to just merely rich over his lack of record sales. Somebody phoned up the Howard Stern Show and said, "what about Nashville Pussy? They rock!!" He quoted that happening in Rolling Stone. Onion-head, as we call him.

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